Azum's privacy policy regarding health data

The protection of your data is very important to us.

If you are an athlete on the Azum website ( ) or registered via the Azum application, you entrust us with personal data. You can read how we process and protect your data in the general data protection declaration from Azum.

Process for the athlete profile and for the training evaluation we various data regarding the health of athletes. Since health data is particularly sensitive, the protection of this data is particularly important. We explain the protection of
health data due to the high sensitivity in this separate data protection declaration. As an athlete, you will be asked to expressly consent to the processing of your health data.

Our data processing is carried out in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act and the European General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter abbreviated to « GDPR» ).

We can adapt our privacy policy regarding health data at any time. You will be informed about changes and can refuse your consent if you would not agree to the new conditions.

Date of the last change: March 1st, 2021.

I. Who processes the health data?

The person responsible in terms of data protection law is: AZUM system AG Rautistrasse 61 8047 Zurich Switzerland

If you have any questions or suggestions about data protection, you can contact our company data protection officer, Mr Dan Aeschlimann, at any time using the contact below.

AZUM system AG Data protection officer Rautistrasse 61 8047 Zurich

Since AZUM system AG is based in Switzerland and therefore not in the European Union, we have appointed a representative in accordance with Art. 27 GDPR who represents us in the European Union with regard to data protection issues. If you are affected by data processing by us in the European Union, you can also address your concerns to him:

Mr. Peter John
DE 69151 Neckargemünd

II. Which health data do we process, for what purpose and on what legal basis?

The website of Azum and the Azum application for smartphones and tablets are shortened below with « Azum» from.

Which data?

If you register as an athlete with Azum and use Azum, we process the following data from you:

For the athlete profile:
medical treatments, taking medication, metabolic system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, Laboratory results, weight, weight history, nutrition and diets, family diseases, allergies and intolerances, well-being, mental training, endurance, strength, speed, flexibility.

Height, weight, activity level, energetic basal metabolism, energy balance, – Physiological data (maximum heart rate, metabolism) Intensity profiles (heart rate values, speed and performance per intensity zone), top performances per sport (swimming: best time over 400m; Bike: Best average performance over 60 minutes; Running: best time over 5 km).

For the training evaluation function:
Illustration of the activity parameters (duration of movement, distance, performance, speed, altitude, heart rate, cadence / step frequency, arm pull frequency, Calorie consumption, intensity distribution), perception of stress on a scale of 0-10, as well as other data that may be transmitted to us via the providers of measuring instruments (smartwatches, bike computers, etc.) and external analysis platforms with the explicit consent of the users within the scope of their data protection regulations.

For what purpose?

We save and process the health data for the Provision of Azum’s services in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions .

On what legal basis?

We are allowed to process the data, as this is in accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR is required for the fulfillment of our contractual services in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions.

III. Are you obliged to provide us with health data?

You are not obliged to provide us with health information. Certain functions of Azum cannot be used or not fully used if the corresponding health data are not stored (e.g. training evaluations). It is of course possible to register as an athlete on Azum and use various Azum functionalities.

Es you are free to provide no or only certain or all health data when using Azum.

IV. Will your health data be passed on to third parties?

The health data of athletes are shared between the respective athlete and his coach. Otherwise nobody will receive the athlete’s health data.

We also pass on personal data to processors who process the data on our behalf and must process the health data for the fulfillment of our contractual services. In particular, this is our server provider in Switzerland: hosttech GmbH.

V. Will your health data be transmitted abroad?

Azum is based in Switzerland and our servers are in Switzerland. Your health data will only be processed in Switzerland.

If a coach or athlete is resident outside Switzerland and the European Union and has health data are shared by the respective athlete with his coach, health data will be transmitted to the respective coach or athlete in third countries.

VI. How long will your health data be kept?

Athletes and self-coaches can delete their health data immediately at any time using the delete button in Azum. From this point on, they are no longer visible to other users. Coaches can contact Azum Support to have their company account deleted within 24 hours.

On our servers at hosttech GmbH based in Switzerland, the data will then be deleted after 24 hours.

What rights do you have with regard to your personal data?

If the GDPR is applicable to the processing of your personal data, you have the following rights in accordance with the GDPR.

To exercise your rights, a letter by post or email to:

AZUM system AG
data protection officer
Rautistrasse 61
8047 Zurich

You can ask us to confirm whether we are processing personal data concerning you (right to information). If so, you can request information about this personal data from us.

You have the right to correction, right to restriction of processing and a right to have your personal data deleted. In addition, you have the right to be informed about the correction, restriction or deletion.

You have the right, for reasons that arise arising from their particular situation, to object at any time to the processing of personal data that we process on the legal basis of a legitimate interest.

Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the member state of your place of residence, your place of work or the location of the alleged violation, if you are of the opinion that the processing of personal data violates the GDPR. 

Further information on your rights can be found on the following official website of the European Commission: