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Azum is based on knowledge, input and the exchange with partners from sports and nutritional science and sports management. They are important reference points for Azum and the continuous expansion and optimization of our coaching platform.

Performance diagnostics

Azum recommends INSCYD because the scientific performance diagnostic tool provides trainers with unique performance data.
The metabolic profile determined by means of the so-called PPD test can be integrated directly into Azum.

INSCYD is the most modern tool for analyzing and planning endurance performance in ambitious athletes.
Because the performance of every athlete is derived from a A multitude of components and measured variables composed.
And not only consists of FTP and heart rate zones.


Pure.Natural.Power – Robert Gorgos and his team have developed training and competition catering under this slogan that sets standards. Just like Azum Next Level Coaching.

All Ministry of Nutrition products are an integral part of the Azum nutrition database and coaches can integrate them directly into training and competition planning.

The gels, bars, shakes and other “nutrition” products of many other brands are also an integral part of the Azum coaching platform. For coaches and their athletes this means: the respective products, ideal for specific training goals, can be integrated directly into the training plan via Azum.

Other partners

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