AZUM versus TrainingPeaks and Today’s plan

Who doesn’t know it. When shopping online, we compare prices between manufacturers. Depending on our personalities, we always just choose the cheapest offer or what we are used to. Others, often the more innovative among us, are not satisfied with the status quo and therefore look for the “next new thing”.

To save you the tedious research and calculations, we have made a price comparison of training platforms for you.

For this we have defined two case studies. On the one hand, we have Peter Klein, who coaches six athletes on a part-time basis. On the other hand, we have Katja Gross, who coaches 20 athletes in her coaching business.

The total costs of the two different companies are broken down below.

*one-time activation fee of 96€ not included
** Dollar to Euro exchange rate 0.97
*** With AZUM, the coach pays the entire bill and charges the athletes for the use of the platform.


In addition to the price, there are other decision-making criteria to help you find the best platform for you. We have listed the most important advantages and challenges of switching to AZUM.

You coach your athletes with AZUM, your advantages:
  • your knowledge and coaching skills stay with you
  • you can generate added value with individual metabolic profiles
  • You can work with your preferred zone model and intensities.
  • AZUM is geared towards B2B, which optimally supports your work as a coach
  • With a chat function, the correspondence remains exclusively within the tool.
  • For more see
Your challenges:
  • one-time effort to set up your cloud
  • leaving familiar paths
  • keeping up with the latest training and nutrition insights and updating your coaching knowledge

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