Cross-country skiing: 8 reasons to plan your training with Azum

In today’s world, where digital technologies play an increasingly important role, the benefits of a digital training, analysis and monitoring platform can also be reaped in the field of endurance training. With the help of such platforms, endurance coaches can offer their athletes tailored training and closely analyse and monitor their performance.

Want to get yourself or your athletes optimally prepared for the next season with cross-country training? Here are our top 8 reasons to plan your cross-country training with AZUM system. With AZUM system you can …

  1. … easily create entire training plans for various winter sports – including cross-country skiing, of course.
  2. … train the classic style as well as the skating style
  3. … present both very simple as well as very comprehensive trainings. From technique and basic training to specific athletic units, the training programme can be tailored to your needs.
  4. define terrain specifications and map all possible stride types – so you can train the optimal technique for any terrain
  5. … store sport-specific intensity levels/zones so that the intensity control also works perfectly in the snow. You can use existing performance tests as a basis and incorporate cross-country-specific experience values.
  6. … add detailed descriptions and videos as technique input to the exercises
  7. … integrate nutritional guidelines into training and competition planning
  8. … also plan the “off snow” training in AZUM system


Are you a cross-country skiing coach? Let us show you in an online meeting how you can optimally support your athletes. You can also find all the features of AZUM system for coaches here.

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