Assign sport profiles of external services to your Azum sports

In Azum, you have the option of assigning training sessions recorded with wearables/cycle computers etc. to your individual Azum sports and displaying them accordingly in the bar chart in monitoring.

You can combine different disciplines of a sport under one term or display them individually. For example, combine different cycling disciplines under the Azum sport “Cycling”. In this way, the corresponding cycling activities – e.g. cyclo-cross, indoor cycling and road cycling – are grouped under the sport cycling and displayed accordingly in the bar chart. In this case, 1 filter appears in the diagram with which you can show and hide the disciplines mentioned.

However, you can also display sub-disciplines separately in the monitoring by creating a corresponding sport and assigning the discipline. The number of filters increases accordingly.

This is how you make the assignment:
Call up the System administration and select “Sports”. Click on the desired sport and assign the desired sport profiles for the external service, as well as for manually added activities and manually uploaded files.

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Enter a search term