Deposit metabolic profile

In Azum you can precisely define individual intensity zones for your athletes.

Call up the metabolic profile of the desired person. Here you can define performance values and intensity zones for any number of sports. Using the maximum heart rate and best values for each sport, you can calculate the intensity zones using predefined percentage values.
Find out how to adapt these zones yourself here.

It is possible to save metabolic profiles and reuse them at a later time for analysis. When you open a metabolic profile by clicking, you can edit the individual sports. If you select the “Manually enter data” checkbox, you have the option to input highly personalized values from performance diagnostics, such as performance/pace, heart rate, calorie consumption, etc. Now you can set the areas according to the individual’s metabolic profile.

All the data you enter is automatically incorporated into the training plans of your athletes.

Note that the values of the superordinate zones (in bold) must not overlap, otherwise the breakdown of the trained time per zone cannot be displayed in the monitoring. Within these zones, the values may overlap.

Click on “Save” when you are finished.

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