Exporting planned workouts to watches and cycling computers

Click on “Export to Garmin” in the Detail view of your planned activities to initiate the export. This way you can decide for each workout if you want to have it on your device. If you have different Garmin devices, you can choose in Garmin Connect to which device the activity should be exported.

Alternatively, you can automatically synchronize your Garmin calendar with Azum. To do this, go to your profile and click on the gear icon next to the Garmin connection. Select “Enable Automatic Synchronization” to have your planned training sessions for the next two weeks automatically exported to Garmin and available on your Garmin devices.

Please note:

  • Synchronization with Garmin always takes place at midnight.
  • If you make changes to a training session in Azum, the synchronization will be updated every 15 minutes.
  • If training with several sports are exported, a training for each sport is created
  • For running training, the pace is displayed with first priority. If the training was planned “only” based on heart rate values, only this parameter is displayed.
  • Complex swim workouts with pace or time settings may not be displayed correctly depending on the watch. You may see minutes per kilometre instead of minutes per 100 metres. Unfortunately, Azum has no influence on this; this is due to the processing of the training on the side of Garmin.
    Swim workouts without time or pace settings are displayed correctly.


It is not possible to export planned activities to Wahoo and Polar, as both providers do not (yet) offer this service.

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