Learn how to link your INSCYD account to AZUM and how your test results are automatically imported into AZUM.
The first steps…
  1. Please reach out to us via: to get your personal API key.
  2. Login via AZUM:
  3. Call up the following link in the administration and create your company connection:

a. ADD Company Connection (You can add multiple accounts.)
b. Name: freely selectable
c. E-mail: comes from your INSCYD admin account*
d. User ID: comes from your INSCYD admin account*
e. API key: comes from INSCYD:
f. click: save – your login process
*must be a mandatory match for the Inscyd Admin account

4. Map your athletes:

a. Add your Inscyd athlete connections
b. Select user in the drop-down menu
c. User INSCYD ID: from the INSCYD Athlete ID
d. Company connection: select (usually only one option available.)
e. Click: save – your login process

5. Select your company under ‘Company Connection’ (check the box) and choose ‘Get INSCYD all tests data’ from the dropdown menu at the top. Then, click ‘Execute’.  All you need to do for a successful synchronisation is to confirm an email that will be sent to you during the selected time slot. It is important that you are logged in to your Inscyd account when confirming the email.

6. It can take up to six hours for all data to be synchronized!
7. New athletes must always be re-mapped. As described under point 4, the process must be restarted for this, see point 5.
8. New tests must always be integrated into AZUM manually; see point 5.

Applications in the athlet’s Metabolic Profile

When the processes in the administration area are completed, all data can be integrated into the corresponding metabolic profile of the respective athlete.

With the button

the latest test data is synchronized on the respective athletes.

a. Vo2Max / VLamax / Fatmax / Anaerobic Threshold / CarbMax are then adjusted.
b. Energy (kcal/h) / Fat (gr/h) / Carbs (gr/h) are calculated from the average of the recorded intensities.
c. A fat and carbohydrate polynomial appears in the graph in the appropriate training zones.


“I have connected my company and added athletes with their user ID. However, no values appear in the metabolic profile?”

  • Check in the system administration under ‘Sports’ whether “running” is stored in the section ‘INSCYD SPORT EQUIVALENTS’ for the sport running or your own created counterpart, e.g. running watts, trail running etc.? Otherwise you should add it. Check the same for the sport bike, respectively your counterpart e.g. mountain bike, bike, cross….
  • Then delete the test results again and start the process once more.

“I cannot confirm my email from Inscyd.”

To confirm the email successfully, you must be logged into your Inscyd account in the same browser. The email must be confirmed within 24 hours after which the request will expire. If this is the case, please contact

“I have not received a confirmation email”

Check your spam and advertising folders. Otherwise contact

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