Training compliance

In the detailed view of a planned training, it can be marked as completed ✓ , partially completed – or not done ✕.

The assessed workouts appear in the agenda with a small ✓, – or ✕ symbol marked in colour. This gives you as a coach a handy overview of the compliance of your athlete’s training.

A bar graph appears in the athlete dashboard. If more than one training session is planned for a day, the bar is divided into the number of training sessions. If no training is planned for a day, e.g. rest day, the bar appears in light grey. By clicking on the individual bars, you can go directly to the planned training and mark it as completed, partially completed or not completed. The bars appear green, orange or red accordingly.

The more training sessions have been completed according to the plan, the fuller the circle on the right. The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of completed training sessions by the number of planned training sessions.

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