What are coupons?

You can use the coupons to provide athletes with training plans for self-coaching. Each template you create can be saved on a link.

Contact the Azum team at help@azum.com if you would like to use this feature.

Once activated, you can access the templates saved on the links in your company profile at “Promotional campaign”, copy them and then market them as you wish via your channels – for example as a teaser plan for your coaching business or as a digital product in your online shop. You can access the company profile by clicking on the identity card in the top right-hand corner of the system bar.

If new clients/athletes click on these links, they will be asked to create an account in your personal Azum platform. Then they can roll out the plan and train with you.

This is how it’s done: Call up the System administration and select “Coupons”. Click on “Add coupon” at the top right and then enter any code (name). Ideally, you choose a code that allows you to quickly find and identify the plan afterwards.
Then select the product (the existing template) and optionally a validity period.

Click on “Save” and then switch to the company profile. Refresh the page and call up the coupon as described above.

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