Laura and Azum: Fits!

Last Sunday we simply basked in the great performance of others: namely that of Laura Philipp, one of the best triathletes in the world. And co-owner of Azum.

Reason enough there was: Laura has just the 3rd place at the PTO Challenge in Daytona. You can also say: the bronze medal at this year’s PTO World Championship.

Congratulations, Laura!

We are happy for her and her coach Philipp Seipp for all their work.

And secondly, because we have also known Laura in the Azum team for a few months.

Together with husband and success coach Philipp (he also coaches Sebastian Kienle and Florian Angert, among others), she is in fact also co-owner of our “Next Level Sports Coaching” company.

That’s right, not just a logo trainer on her racing suit – but integrally involved in the development of the training platform of the future (we hope). Both Laura & Philipp support the development team with inputs, feedbacks and direct product testing in the professional environment, just as they do with the so-called “agegroupers” of Kick.Ass.Sports.

So, of course, whenever they’re not winning really important races in the U.S. or elsewhere.

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