Next Level

Welcome to Azum. Your new coaching platform. As a Ministry of Nutrition customer, we accompany you step by step on the way to the next level.

Have a look around first or get started right away?

Here is the right place to do both. In any case, as a customer of Ministry of Nutrition, you can use Azum for a full six months at half price.

Step by step

In cooperation with Ministry of Nutrition, Azum offers you new opportunities – a coaching platform of the latest generation. You can get started easily and smoothly with the following step-by-step instructions.


Register and take a look around your new platform.


Book an appointment with your personal advisor and let us show you Azum – in a 1-to-1 – personally and individually.


Discuss the migration of your data from your current solution to Azum with your Azum consultant. He will be happy to help you.


Inform your athletes: Here are the instructions.


The first two weeks with Azum are free. You can then choose one of the Azum price plans

Coach, Coach Plus or Club


When choosing the price plan, use the voucher code that you received with the Ministry of Nutrition newsletter. You can benefit from a 50% discount on 6 months with Azum!

Athlete communication: Your athletes need to know that

As soon as you are set up on Azum, all you have to do is inform your athletes about the new platform. And this is how you proceed:


Send your athletes an invitation. You can use the invitation template for this, which we have stored for you here.


Recommend downloading the Azum app in Apple – or Playstore.


And let’s go!

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