Azum Coaching Webinar: Training control via energy consumption

A new Azum Coaching Webinar is coming up.

15. April 2021


We look forward to Sebastian Weber performance diagnostician and co-developer of Inscyd talks to Dan Aeschlimann from Azum about the topic of energy consumption – and how to use it to control training.

The one-hour webinar addresses, among other things:

• How do carbohydrates or fats influence athlete training?
• How do I plan training using the energy balance?
• Can athletes, for example, be controlled via fat consumption?
• Does monitoring of Kcal, KH and fats make sense?
• Does diet have a long-term influence on training structure?

You can easily register for the webinar with this Link .

We look forward to seeing you!

Sebastian Weber is a qualified sports scientist, performance diagnostician, founder of INSCYD and looks after the Jumbo Visma team, Tony Martin and Team Movistar.

Dan Aeschlimann is an age grouper coach with more than 20 years of business experience, founder and owner of MY sport, and also looks after over 50 ambitious age grouper athletes

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