“Azum exceeds my highest expectations for a coaching platform!”

Dominik Landertinger not only is a high achiever himself. With his new company “Dominik Landertinger Performance”, the biathlon world champion also supports his athletes in putting power on the piste. For his coaching he uses Azum – the Next Level Coaching Platform. We let Dominik tell you about his experiences with our solution below:

“Azum is simply awesome! Right after the first use, I was impressed by the platform. It is easy to use, individually tailored to my needs and those of my athletes and deepens the trust between coach and sports person. A coach will not find such comprehensive functionalities anywhere else – believe me, I have researched coaching software extensively.

Azum turns my vision into reality
Every body is different, so much so that individualised coaching is needed. This is how even the seemingly impossible can be achieved. I know this from my two decades in the field, i.e. in active competitive sport. And I would now like to pass on this experience. Azum is perfect for this. Thanks to the input of data from my performance diagnostics and the training modules, I can tailor my training plans exactly to the athlete – whether beginner or pro. Everything is easy to understand and does not overwhelm the athlete. The personal component should not be underestimated, especially for the latter: Through Azum and its various possibilities for feedback and dialogue, I can build a relationship with the athletes. Guide them through the platform exactly as they need it – no matter where I am or where they are. I would never want to coach without Azum again and am already looking forward to the further developments that the guys and gals behind the platform are constantly working on.”

About Dominik Landertinger

Dominik Landertinger is a four-time Olympic, five-time World Championship medallist and World Champion. He made the World Cup podium 37 times in his active career and is the most successful Austrian biathlete in terms of medals at major events. In spring 2020, the PillerseeTaler ended his active career. In addition to his activities in the youth sector and as a co-commentator on ORF’s biathlon broadcasts, Landertinger is now fulfilling his long-cherished dream of passing on his know-how in competitive sports to amateur and pro athletes with “Dominik Landertinger Performance“.

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