«Azum works like a Swiss watch»

“Azum works like a Swiss watch”. That’s not us saying it, but the two Azum users and triathlon coaches from PHP Tricoaching in Luxembourg.

Your full statement, which we were of course very pleased to receive:

Azum makes coaching life easy(er)

“Azum is an online training platform that is second to none. On the one hand it is easy to use and on the other hand it can be individually adapted to the athletes to be coached.

This greatly facilitates the work of PHPTriCoaching trainers.

Cleverly combining information from endurance performance diagnostics (e.g., with INSCYD) and completed training sessions allows us to be even more targeted to each athlete’s performance.

With the analysis data obtained, we can integrate the “Nutritional Strategy” even better into the training.

Coaching from anywhere and to anywhere

With the Azum app for iOS and Android, our athletes can easily view their units anywhere.

Uploading their training data across most brands like, Polar, Garmin or Suunto works great. This makes the whole monitoring process a lot clearer.

Working with the support team on questions or suggestions are handled quite professionally and quickly. The team is on par with the trainers.”

Thank you very much!

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