Doha based Tricoach Gordon Rose: Nothing is impossible

“Quality over quantity. This not only true for each athletes’ training but also for coaching.”

Says Tricoach Gordon Rose, who is based in Doha, from where he is offering (online) triathlon coaching.

Good for him and for Azum: His motto is pretty much congruent with ours.

Train smart not hard – this is where Azum helps

Gordon’s training will always be tailored exactly to the needs and requirements of his athletes. Just as Azum adapts to the demands of his coaches at any given moment. In training planning, nutrition planning – and athlete management.

With Azum, coaches can control the training and competition performance of their athletes more precisely and individually than ever before. With the easy embedding of new or the use of existing training modules, the software platform also brings a lot of structure and efficiency to coaching.

Gordon: “To me Azum simply means: Serious coaching at last.”

We couldn’t agree more 😉

In short, the Azum “Sports Coaching System” makes coaching athletes easier and more efficient, but also more individual and successful. In this way, Azum helps coaches and their athletes to continuously develop – to reach the next level of their personal performance.


Gordon Rose
Triathlon Coach
Villa A79
Al Reem Gardens
Doha Qatar
Tel: +974-55391162

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