Coaching Academy: Strength training in endurance sports
    • How does strength training affect endurance performance?
    • How can I optimize the training buildup?
    • When do I use hypertrophy training?
  • And when to use IK (intramuscular coordination) workouts?

Answers to these and many other questions about the interrelationships of strength training and endurance sports were available in the free Azum webinar on December 4, 2020, 15:00.

We had Sebastian Weber, a proven expert in this field, as our guest .

Sebastian is a sports scientist and performance diagnostician of numerous top athletes in triathlon, swimming and cycling and co-developer of Inscyd, “The world’s most advanced physiologiccal performance analysis software”. 

And talked with him during a good hour about the above questions and showed live , for example, how to use the support of the Sports Coaching System Azum and the metabolic profile of cyclists or Ironman-age groupers stored there, can guide the macro, meso and micro planning of athlete training simply, efficiently and effectively.

The webinar was moderated by Dan Aeschlimann, triathlon coach and owner of MySport, partner and user of Azum Sports Coaching System.

The webinar is now available as a YouTube video on the Azum channel.


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