Add or edit intensities

Call up the System administration and select “Sport codes: Intensities”. Here you can view the subordinated intensities (not bolded in the metabolic profile), edit them and add new ones if necessary. Each intensity is stored on a code. You can use the search option or the filters on the right to simplify the search for existing codes. The different columns of the table show you the most important information for each code.

Select an existing code if you want to edit it.
Click on “Add sport code” in the top right corner if you want to create a new intensity. Then select the sport and any code that does not yet exist (max. 20 characters). Enter a short and long description (GER & ENG). Scroll down and assign a parent intensity zone if needed.

If you want this intensity to appear in the metabolic profile, you need to enter percentage values of maximum heart rate and/or pace/power at FTP/best time. (These percentage values will be overridden if you store an individual metabolic profile. Note that the values of the superordinated intensity zones must not overlap, otherwise the breakdown of the trained time per zone cannot be displayed in the monitoring. Within these zones, the values may overlap.)

Click on “Save” when you are finished. Then switch to the Agenda or metabolic profile of the desired person and refresh the page. Now you can work with the new intensity.

Enter a search term

Enter a search term